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41 yr old
The mythical Zeus is known for being both the Greek God of Thunder and a keeper of one of many manliest beards in historical past. It's only applicable that he serves because the mascot for one of many manliest Skäggvård kits in history. The Zeus Ultimate Beard Care Kit is a comprehensive beard care answer with sufficient provides to type an entire pantheon of bristly deities. This equipment contains both a shampoo and conditioner to scrub your beard and keep your skin beneath hydrated. The shampoo has some components that dry your hair out some, so it is best to undoubtedly use the conditioner every time you employ the shampoo. The equipment also includes a Skäggbalsam to shape and nourish your beard throughout the day, plus a Skäggolja spray bottle to give your beard that nicely-groomed sheen. Zeus Skäggprodukter come your choice of three scents: sandalwood, vanilla rum, and verbena lime. The preferred fragrance is the sandalwood, whose woodsy and spicy notes epitomize modern masculinity.