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Living in the heart of America you will rarely appreciate the gesture extended by companies (online shopping ones precisely) that offer free shipping deals. Not that there is any question of modesty on your part, it’s just that you may not be aware of the huge shipping costs that customers have to bear to get their ordered products, home. This, we are talking at a global level. Ask a friend or a relative who is staying outside of the US, for what it.

Would mean to get their items, ordered online, at no extra shipping costs. Don’t worry if you do not have someone to learn these details from; today’s blog is all about the online stores that offer free global shipping facilities.


Chemjoy offers whatever you need. Sit with a mug of cold coffee and browse through the different sections of the shopping website to pick your choice of item ranging from apparels to shoes & bags, and from mobiles & accessories to watches & jewelry. It definitely has at least something to offer to suit your mood and preference. Oh yes, you also get the choicest collection of cosmetics to explore in order to gift a near one or simply to pamper yourself with.


There are several online market places that offer you free shipping services but only after you have purchased a particular number of items or you have shelled a particular amount to buy them. Yeah! This is certainly a letdown. To raise your spirit, let me introduce to you Choices, if you haven’t heard of it earlier! This is a wonder-shopping portal that sells nearly everything to keep you interested and ‘on it’ ranging from specialty dressing to accessories and from prêt a porter to ‘haute couture’ dresses! And if this isn’t enough, look for the attractive deals and offers that will surely capture your senses…


You love to splurge on clothes and accessories… why let all your purchases be expensive, when you have several online options that are both cost-effective as well as fun? Type in ASOS on your web browser as you read this. Pick and choose an entire collection – from clothes to accessories to specialty wear and gift packs and so on… ASOS, by its own admission, offers free shipping facilities to over 190 countries and that isn’t any mean feat for sure.


Esther truly reflects the essence of a woman. Clothes that exhibit the soul of womanhood through their cuts & drapes and accessories that reveal the feminine spirit through the designs & patterns, you can find all of these, and much more, here… Visit Esther to help you dress up for the occasion. If these aren’t relevant to you, you can surely pick up stuff to gift a loved one… Esther lets you make the woman in your life feel special!

Book Depository

If you are an avid reader and are yet to explore Book Depository, you are surely missing out on something really fun. This is an online book store with an exclusive collection of books, belonging to the different genres. The books aren’t all that expensive and the catalog’s huge; you get these in addition to the look and feel of a physical book – people who prefer a real book compared to its online version will definitely freak out here. Keep your eyes wide open for promising deals that you just may slip if you are just doing a surface navigation in this website…

With these online stores available, there is certainly a reason to rejoice. A few “less expensive” shopping offers definitely didn’t hurt anyone… Today is the time to let yourself loose…